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Tips To Have A Budget Friendly Wedding

You have been counting your fingers for this day to come and it’s finally happening. It’s a special day for both of you. This day never comes again and you do your best to make it special in every way. But as you know, a wedding can be very costly because of the so many vendors you have to look and pay for. But not to worry: there are different ways that you can cut some of these expensive costs and still have a great party. Want to know what they are? Here are some of the ideas we picked for you where you can be immensely creative and come p with better alternatives.

Make your own invitations
Once you have made your guest list and planned how many people are coming, the next step is to send them invitation cards. If you are still that traditional person, then posting or even handing over these cards is the best option. But printing them is another added cost to your budget. Take some time to do an online research to choose your wedding card designs and patterns. You can collect so much inspiration from Pinterest. The key is to check for simple designs that won’t cost you a lot. What’s more? You can check for handmade wedding invitation cards online. There are thousands and thousands of simple patters that you can select from.

Where creativeness and decors meet
Actually, you will be spending a lot of money for wedding decorations but that’s not the problem. Most of the decors you choose, it can be floral arrangements for funeral, decorative lights and other types of candles and decors, most of them can be decorated by yourself. With some help from your family, it’s achievable. You can try and be more creative and check for more ideas online. Make sure that you couple them with the wedding theme and colors, whether you are planning to go classical or rustic.

 Your family has talent?
This is something you need to check in your guest list. If anyone who is participating to your big day is a professional wedding vendor; can be a photographer, person who runs a band, has a printing company, owns a catering services, etc. they can be invaluable for you. You want gifts from them or do you want some help for the wedding? I would choose the latter because this is a really good way you can cut your costs at least half of the price can be reduced.

Cheap wedding locations
Consider your budget when choosing a place. Hotels and resorts can be quite expensive but if you still want to have an indoor party in a luxury place, then check for a faraway place that are convenient for you.