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Selecting Your Reception Venue- Things To Consider

Marriage is a memorable day for everyone and it should be celebrated and organised with great care and attention. You should make sure that every arrangement is done the right way, so that you do not have to come up with any last minute tensions or harassments.

Reception venue is a vital part of your marriage and it should be chosen with great care. You must take care that the reception centre fits within your budget and requirements. Couples, when choosing their marriage venues, generally consider the beauty of the place and pay no attention to practical things. Most of the couples choose San Remo Ballroom for their wedding venues. 

Consider the following factors carefully while selecting the marriage venue

The location and size of the venue

The location of the reception centre is very important. It should be located in such a place where your guests can easily approach. They should not face difficulty in locating the venue. Moreover, the size should be such that it should easily accommodate the number of guests invited. It should be spacious so that people can move around freely and should not feel congested.

Car parking zone

It should have proper and secured car parking area where your guests can park their vehicles. There should be proper security arrangement. It is very natural that you cannot park your vehicle anywhere on the roadside. Hence secured car parking zone should be there.


The venue could be beautiful, but not over expensive; you need the reception area to be within your budget. It should fit in your financial plan and must have all the requirements which you need. There are various kinds of venues, such as, castles, hotels, stately homes and sports venues, etc. Before finalising the place see that it fits within your financial plans and at the same time all your requirements are there. Do not go only for beauty, but it should have other advantages, which you need most.

Decoration of the venue

If you have selected an open venue, then you do not require much decoration as nature takes care of it. But if the marriage is conducted in a marriage hall, then decorating the area is necessary. You must hire a decorator and get the marriage area bedecked. See that he does not cross your budget, therefore, advice him to stay within the prescribed budget.

Marriage food, drinks and photographs

The wedding food and drinks should be tasty and delicious as your guest will also expect that from you. Hire a caterer who is well experienced in preparing food for marriages. You can make continental or oriental dishes depending on the taste of your guests.The wedding cake should be attractive because all your guests would be looking out for that. Do not forget to hire a photographer to click the memorable photos of that auspicious day.