Types Of Face Lifts And Their Requirements

Not everyone can walk into a hospital and get a face lift done. There are certain requirements and you will not be eligible for a cosmetic surgery unless you meet them. Factors such as the type of your skin and its color have a major influence in the success of your surgery. These are particularly important when it comes to face lifts, since changes made to your face the most apparent and obvious. Below are most frequently done face lifts and their requirements.

Nasal Surgery

It is also known as rhinoplasty. If you planning to get your nose surgically modified, then you must have an abnormally large nose that could be crooked or bumped. If not, there is no need for surgical assistance. This operation is not for you if you are below the age of 15, since the skins of children are not fully developed and thus are not ready for cosmetic surgeries. Being thick skinned will also lower prospects of getting a rhinoplasty. Also more than ¼ of the operations require additional surgeries to get more satisfactory results.

Lip Augmentation 

This surgery is done either by young adults who prefer big lips or by older ones who have thinned lips. If you have diabetes, herpes or rheumatoid arthritis, then your plastic surgeon would advise you against this surgery. You are also not a preferable candidate if you recently took Accutane, which is an acne drug. Also, if you have serious allergic reactions, then the likelihood of getting an allergic reaction is higher if you get a lip implant.

Chin Implant

If you have a weak chin or if it is unbalanced with your nose then you are suitable for a chin implant. But if you possess an abnormal dental bite, you are an unlikely candidate for this particular cosmetic surgery since your condition will require jaw realignment. It is wiser to listen to your plastic surgeon about the potential risks. Your implant can get infected or be rejected by your body. Sometimes the implant can shift into different positions and require further surgery to readjust it.

Forehead Lift

Also known as a brow lift, this surgery will be appropriate for you if you have heavy eyebrows, frown lines or forehead wrinkles that run deep. If you are more susceptible to scars this might not be the best option. Bald headed people are unlikely candidates as well. You can lose hair around the implanted area. You will also experience slight numbness in your scalp and forehead after the surgery.