Companies Who Help Their Employees

Recently a survey was done and it was found out that 90 percent of employees actually make the decision of whether or not they want to leave a certain company within the first year of them being hired, so it is absolutely vital that you give the new employees a good first impression when they are entering a company to show them that your employees have been here for than a year and that people normally stick around when they work for your company. When a new employee enters the company it is always a good idea to assign that person a mentor preferably someone who has been at the company for a long period of time to show the new hire that people who start working for your company are normally here to stay because they have found a home of some sort.

Always be offering development and trainings to your employees because they are probably at your company to learn, develop and grow so always provide things like online cobit 5 foundation training or other online courses that can help them develop and hone their skills to become good at whatever they were hired for at your company and even climb up the ladder because of you. When you provide your employees with the opportunity to grow at your company they will always be grateful to you for what you have done for them and they will find it hard to leave. If an employee wants to leave though always ask them what their reasoning is and if they refuse to give you an answer always respect that decision but if you are sensing any kind of misconduct be sure to try and get to the bottom of it. There is only one way for your employee to be truthful to you and that is f you establish that trust between employee and company right from the get go. The process of hiring should actually be quite simple and you should make it as easy as possible for the new person that is coming in so that they can settle into their new role as quick as possible so that they can feel like they have been working at your company for years instead of weeks. 

Whether you decide to send your employees for the online COBIT 5 foundation training or not always consider what is best for them and never let them take advantage of you or your company.

That’s the best of it, not the worst, so consider yourself informed.