2 Useful Do It Yourself Tips For Claustrophobics

A phobia is defined in simple terms as an irrational fear for an object or situation. Unlike actual fear, a phobia is based on a danger that is not even existent.  One of the most common phobias around the world is claustrophobia, or the fear of closed spaces.  Different people have claustrophobia to different levels and severities. Depending on the level to which the phobia affects the normal life of the individual, decisions can be made with regard to the intervention that is required.

One common theory all psychologists believe is that a main element of treating any phobia is self treatment. One has to keep working on getting over their irrational fear in order to one day achieve it. If you are someone who has been professionally diagnosed with claustrophobia or simply someone who believes that you have a tendency to get stressed when met with limited space situations, here are a few things you can use to fight it every day.

Create situations where flexibility is available

Imagine you have a phobia for sunlight.

An example for creating a situation where flexibility is available would be installing blinds. This will help you regulate the amount of light by installing holland blinds that enters a space and to have complete control over it.

Similarly, claustrophobics can spend some time in compact rooms that open up to airy balconies. This way, they could challenge themselves to spend some time inside a closely packed room – basically a room that causes claustrophobia, and have the freedom of making way to the open balcony the moment they start to feel tensed and panicked.

Introduce yourself to new situations systematically

One of the most common problems claustrophobics have is travelling in lifts. Most of them would opt to take the stairs than to spend a second of their lives inside a closed elevator. This can cause a lot of problems in a person’s day to day life. In order to get over this irrational fear, you will have to embrace the situation little by little. Just like the example of the blinds for the previous point, a light switch can be used for this one. You are aware of the ability to regulate the intensity of a light bulb from off, on, dim and bright.

Similarly, you can approach an elevator ride in a few steps. First just get into the elevator. Second, take the elevator to travel one floor, then two floors and then a few more. This way, you will get over your fear without being pushed into the deep end without any warning.