Design Ideas And The Difference Between Patios And Decks

When you decide you have enough space around one side of the house and you wish to maximize that space, outdoor patios are the best idea. And whether you decide to do it yourself (just be careful to level it) or hire an expert, the end result will be the same: a beautiful place outdoors to have when the weather is nice and enjoy a meal or some fun activities with your family.

Design ideas

Here are a few ideas on how to design your patio to look amazing:

If you have a large backyard you could have a pinwheel pattern brick patio with a built-in wooden bench or just a simple pinwheel pattern patio leading to the walkway and yard. Also, imagine a nice classic, red brick patio with a running bond pattern and some modern patio lounge furniture. That sounds very nice.

At the flagstone category there would be a small cozy flagstone patio with a built-in fireplace surrounded by flowers. For more privacy, you could go for an enclosed flagstone patio with a bright yellow fence that will protect you from curious eyes.

There are of course designs of patios even for the more childish ones, like a flagstone patio with white fence and a swinging loveseat. If you would live by the sea or ocean, a large brick patio with planted trees and boxwood hedge overlooking the water will be a dream.

Cobblestone patios are really charming. Only a small one paved with cobblestone and a little coffee table in the middle would certainly give you the urge to just sit there and enjoy your day. Or a stylish cobblestone patio surrounded by vegetation or a garden and very low brick walls. It’ll give a nice contrast and a lovely picture.

Concrete patios can be very interesting when paired with a swimming pool, or a bit of wood around or between lush gardens. Just a simple concrete patio stepping down into grass can do the trick very well.

The difference between a patio and a deck

Patios are mostly designed to match the house and its surroundings and it can take any shape and size while having the opportunity of choosing between several materials. A patio is fixed on the ground so there is no need for extra safety measures. While a deck is only made of wood or composite wood materials and they are built to take advantage of a view. Because they can be at different levels they will need railings but if it’s properly maintained, a deck can be comfortable even without cushions.

Truth is nowadays in our modern society we have so many options to choose from that it can be a bit time consuming to decide what type of patio you want but in the end it’ll be worth it. A beautifully decorated yard next to a nice cozy home can be the oasis each of us needs to charge their batteries.