Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are a lot of ways to clean a carpet but you are not going to need to use of all the methods because different scenarios require different techniques. Cleaning isn’t a one size fits all process and there are numerous aspects you have to factor in to get your home spotless and gleaming.

For example there might be a lot of dirt in your upholstery or there might only be a light coating so depending on how much you need to clean you will have to pick your methods accordingly. In addition, different piece of furniture in your home are unique so cleaning should reflect that – cleaning down surfaces in the living room should of course be different to the process of cleaning your bathroom or the toilet for example. Some things just need a bit more elbow grease, time and effort than others. To help you choose which is best here are a few examples of cleaning methods and when you might use them.

Hand cleaning is seemingly a thing of the past with all the new age technology and machinery that has come to the forefront in the twenty first century, however when it comes to cleaning it is an essential component in any persons armoury. Cleaning machines might be advertised as the second coming but they just don’t have the same effect as getting stuck in with your hands does – hand cleaning, in effect, can be more effective. If you are just wiping down the kitchen table or the family silver then the last thing you need is some contraption which will just complicate proceedings. For this sort of cleaning situation you need a duster and a packet of baby wipes.

Steam cleaning is one of these new-fangled methods of cleaning which was mentioned in the previous paragraph but they do often have their advantages which shouldn’t be overlooked. For example steam cleaning carpets has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Carpets are notoriously difficult to clean with old fashioned methods but when you steam cleaning carpets they generally come up a treat. It isn’t just carpets as they work on a lot of upholstery as well so investing in a steam carpet cleaning machine might save you a bit of time and effort.

Talking about time and effort there is no more effort than shampooing your upholstery clean. This really is an old school method but what it does is get down deep and hit spots which most methods just cannot get to. You can’t just use any old shampoo and you will need a specific type, but once you start rubbing it into your surfaces then you might never look back.